We get a rush out of buying almost any record, yet if we bought every record we saw we would not have the space and would accumulate a lot of records that might not sell to our customers. These include lots of easy listening (we can still buy some), big band (some of it we can buy), Broadway musicals(if the price is right we might be able to buy), opera (very hard for us to sell), some comedy LPs, Time Life and Reader’s Digest box sets, children’s stories and exercise records. Records that are severly scratched or cracked that can not play are also not so much use to us.

Turn Your Old Records Into Cash with Nivessa and make it very easy to get rid of that clutter in your house or those records that have fell out of favor, or those records that your family member or friend no longer has space for.

If you have a 12 inch LP Album, 7 inch Singles, 45s, 78s or shellac records of J music – lets chat! Give us a call today to turn those records into money!

Call Jonathan at 732-996-3224 to have a phone call about what we can buy from you. We will send you a box with a shipping label and work out a price together, inspect your collection on the phone and maybe you can send us some photos and and make a cash offer you can’t refuse! Send us a message today!
You can be located anywhere in the US or Canada and possibly even europe and we can buy your collection.

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