BIG MENS 6XL Hooded Plain Black Sweatshirt Pullover Hoodie TRUMP Blank 6x


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“only the finest of sweatshirts”

Big Man Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt or Hoodie

Item weight 30 ounces

Big Man Adult Hooded Pullover. Complete with Hood and Kangaroo Pocket! Completely fleece lined.

Available in black,

This is 80% cotton! This is a comfy cotton blend.  Not Synthetic 1×1 ribbed cuffs and waistband, kangaroo pockets, and rich black color

If you are above 6’4 you might want to consider getting a 6XL Tall (we do not sell that at the moment) since some customers have shared its not long enough for people that height.

Warning: Do not purchase 100% polyester items(you will regret).  They will not be comfortable!

If you want to know if Chest will fit you:

33 inch

Regarding sizing:

For the 6x length from shoulder to waist:

36 inch.

The fit:

1 customer said if you are 6’0 tall and 275-280 lbs it will fit just fine. yet if you are 300 lbs and up it will be tight.

Waist band also tight for people with a 54+ inch waist and up (at 6’0 tall)

Is this a 6X Tall? 

No, this is a 6X Regular. We are not for 6X tall  (Which i am thinking is 6’4+)

Comparing to other brands: Someone said we are different then Hanes from Walmart. So if you are interested in exactly that size please go for that.

Sizing: (More or less from our experience with customers)

Fits usually people from 200 – 500 lbs

PS: This sweatshirt has nothing to do with Trump except we thought to make a cool listing!

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