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  • Irish Spring Gear Body Wash, Exfoliating Clean, 18 fluid ounce (Pack of 4)

    Clean and Pure

    I absolutely love this product. I am a woman and I must say this is the best smelling soap. I always feel so fresh and clean especially when using my exfoliating gloves. I love to wash with this soap and use a fruity bodywash afterwards. My man loves to cuddle under me just so he can smell me!!!

    Irish Spring Body Wash

    It is body wash. Just like any other body wash for men. The only difference is this company does NOT support the NFL which is a huge plus in their favor in my opinion as I will NOT support a buch of whiny millionaires who BMW about our Freedoms paid for by MY Brothers and Sisters in Arms fighting for this great Nation of Ours as I am an United States Air Force Veteran.

    Best Irish Spring Product I’ve Used

    This Irish Spring Exfoliating Clean body wash is the best I’ve used. It’s been almost 20 years since the first time I used that classic green bar soap. It’s been one of my favorites all these years, however does dry skin though I do love the smell of the bar soap very much. This Exfoliating Clean body wash smells very good and cleans my skin completely without drying. My skin feels so renew, hydrated and the amazing smell really does last 24 hrs. My girlfriend always tells me how good I smell when I get out the shower. This is one body wash I hope you guys never discontinue because it is my favorite and I will continue to buy this body wash because of the scent and how well it works on my skin. Thank you Irish Spring

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