Country Vinyl Records

Country Vinyl Records

Classic Country records that showcase some of the best and artists of all time.

Country and Western is one of the major trailblazing music genres as it’s responsible for much of the great music of the twentieth century. Nivessa provides a broad range of seminal country vinyl records. Our online collection covers your needs whether you’re searching for reflection from Johnny Cash or to unwind with Donny & Marie.

Our collection boasts some of the all time greats like Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Bob Dylan and Judy Collins. It covers a vast array of classic country LPs all the way through to the genre’s modern superstars. Our selection snakes through the modern history of the genre. It showcases some of the greatest albums of their time. Examples would be Glen Campbell’s Galveston, Bob Dylan’s self-titled album and Charlie Byrd’s ‎Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros. You’ll find our online store perfect for your country music essentials.

If you feel like taking a musical tour of the American west, then Nivessa’s online store is your destination. Our store is chock full of the greatest hits for the essential Country and Bluegrass collection and the best place for your next vinyl purchase. If you love the likes of Willie Nelson, Johnnie Cash, Dolly Parton, George Jones, and early Bob Dylan, then look at our online record store. We won’t let you down, partner!



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