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Satisfy your sweet tooth with Nivessa’s online candy store.

Buy bulk candy online or simply satisfy a craving with Nivessa’s expansive and delicious online candy store. Choose from our range of chocolates, caramels, marshmallows, hard candies, soft candies, gummies, liquorice, sherbets and many, many more.

Satisfy your decadent side with our chocolate Cow Tales or something a little lighter with our Sugar-free range. Grab some of our mini candy canes to help get yourself into the holiday cheer at festive times or get some Starlight Mints to keep you covered at any time. Bring yourself back to your childhood with our retro candy or try something completely new and different from our expansive range. If you’re feeling nostalgic then choose from Nivessa’s range of retro candies from our online store. If you’re in the mood for something sweet and tangy then why not try our Red Vines red liquorice but if you’re not feeling quite so sweet, try our Wiley Wallabee black liquorice which is loaded with flavour.

Come down to our Candy Shop. Taste some of the great classic flavours and some fantastic new inventions. Make sure you have enough for every occasion.

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