Nivessa is a garage “startup” selling vinyl records and CD. We started in 2020 in march when calling a friend and he mentioned “records are pretty hot lately”. We bought a bunch of records from a person who was helping his wifes best friend who recently decesed. Currently, in our third version, we began in 2021 in a Los Angeles apartment, after that we moved to the Kaballah Center administrative offices on Robertson boulevard. We are currently in a garage near the grove. That’s when owner Jonathan Hedvat took his decade of experience selling everything from job opportunities online and pocketbooks and baseball cards as a kid. During the current covid-19 time near fairfax adn 3rd, we “grew” into a 400 square foot space selling online and to people finding us on the web in our garage.

The name Nivessa was chosen since Jonathan loves the idea of investing. He purchased the domain to be a site to teach people about investing yet he views selling the hottest products as possible in the perspective as a great short term investment. We aggressively BUY, SELL & TRADE anything that you bring in. In addition to over 17,000 NEW and USED records, CDs and cassettes our space includes tens of thousands of VINYL RECORDS. We have music for almost everyone. Somehow we became a place where people love to come into a garage-like space to find something that they can not find elsewhere. We have people that come in here in awe of what we have and think its my personal collection for 20 years but I just started about 2 years ago. It’s ALL thanks to people like you who want to keep actual records existing in the world. Join our little movement (growing from the ground up).

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