We are a BBB-Accredited tangible nostalgia company with a lot of love for great music. Started out of a dining room in 2020, Nivessa is now a full-blown a record store in Fairfax LA with the aim to bring you as many diverse array of phenomenal vinyl LPs as we possibly can.

We were started by Jonathan Hedvat in 2020 as a means of dealing with the crushing pressures of the pandemic. Now, Nivessa now has a 600 square foot office space, thriving online store, A record collection to rival the greats and deliver nationwide.

Our business is borne from a great love of music, and primarily the vinyl pressing. While our main focus is on Vinyl records, we have a whole range of items in our online store. Our range of new items include new records, art, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, clothing, food, video games & tech.

We love to push our trading post mentality and love to see what special, unique and amazing records our clientele are able to bring to us. Our collection is ever growing, ever diversifying and ever changing with the more and more we are able to gain from our customer base.

So, if you have records, tapes, CDs, VHS, Blu-ray, DVDs, or Video Games that you don’t use any more, give us a call. No collection is too big or too small for us to look through and if the condition is good enough, you may be walking away with a tidy profit.

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